Get free training to equip you to plant a healthy church in any community of the world. We're here to help you turn your God-given vision into a plan, then a reality.

Is God calling you to plant a church? We're here to help.

The road to church planting doesn't have to be scary or unclear. With our team at DCPI Europe on your side, you'll learn everything you need to know to start a healthy, Gospel-bringing church in any community of the world. Imagine if you could enter your church planting journey with a clear, personalized vision, plan, and timeline, to reach the community God is calling you to reach. You can, and we'd love to help you.

DCPI Regions of Europe

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Adriatic Region

Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Montenegro and Slovenia

BeNeLux Region

Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg

DACH/German Speaking Region

Austria, Germany, German speaking Lichtenstein and Switzerland

East Balkan Region

Bulgaria, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia

Eastern Europe Region

Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine

France/French Speaking Region

France, French speaking Belgium and Switzerland

Iberia Region

Portugal and Spain

NexGen Europe

Nordic + Baltic Region

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden

UK + Ireland Region

United Kingdom and Ireland


Our vision is to see a healthy church in every community of the world. We believe that means the world will need about 5,000,000 churches planted. To do this, the world needs 1.6 million equipped, empowered church planters.
Are you ready to be equipped to succeed at this awesome thing God is calling you to do?

1,334,193 churches planted...so far

"We found in DCPI, training that is simple, practical and reproducible to help us certify 6 trainers to train over 60 church planters in just over 2 years. We are so grateful for this resource and to be a part of this larger vision to plant 5,000,000 churches.”

-Erick Ewaskowitz,
Director of Coaching and Training for Mission Igniter, an incubator program for Free Methodist

Let's talk about what you can learn.

DCPI offers trainings for every stage of your church planting journey. All of our trainings are funded by donors and are designed to equip you with biblical principles that work anywhere in the world.

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The DCPI System

There are four categories of DCPI training. We would love to help you identify the most effective training tracks for you!

Who We Are


Our mission is to train leaders to plant dynamic churches. We equip those leaders with world-class, Biblically-based training curriculum, so that they plant healthy churches that reproduce and plant more healthy churches.

Our research shows that each leader trained plants an average of 2.55 churches, and each church leads an average of 40 people to Christ.


Our vision is to equip leaders to plant five million churches to reach the world for Christ. Our organization, as a whole, has a vision for five million churches worldwide. As of January 2022, we have trained leaders to plant over one million churches and counting!

God has also given us a vision to introduce our training to every country of the world. We have just over 20 countries left, and we know God will do it. 


We keep a close eye on our trainees to make sure that our training is, and continues to be, maximally effective.

Our research shows that every DCPI-trained church planter starts 2.55 churches within the first five years after their DCPI training.

Their churches lead, on average, 40 people to Christ.

They are healthy, reproductive, Gospel-sharing, Great-Commission-fulfilling churches.

Why We Care

All of our DCPI trainers have planted at least one church or been a part of a successful planting team, and we know how difficult it can be to start a church without really knowing how. That's actually why DCPI exists. Over twenty-five years ago, our team saw a need from our own personal experience, and began developing curriculum to help church planters everywhere.

We know that even those leaders who are super educated often do not have a practical roadmap to start a healthy church. So, we continue to bring our training worldwide, free of charge, to help you and people like you understand the 12 Biblical Principles that will give you a right understanding of church planting, straight out of the Bible. We also teach you to avoid and navigate the "church planting landmines" that will come your way. And, we teach you how to look at your church plant in the context of the vision God has given you and the plan we've helped you develop. Without those things, we really don't know how people do it.

Would you let us help make this a little easier for you?

What You'll Love

  • Training Results

Every trainer has planted a church or been a part of a successful church plant team and has ministry experience.

During every training, leaders build their own personalized implementation plan.

Proven to result in churches planted.

Provides a significant network with other church planters.

  • Excellent Curriculum

Trainings are all based on Biblical principles that apply worldwide in any context.

Training materials include student handbooks provided, which allow students to take clear notes. We also provide PowerPoint presentations for visual reinforcement.

DCPI curriculum is already translated in over 69 major languages (and this number is constantly expanding!)

  • Multiple Training Methods

Live training events provide interaction with other church planting leaders and DCPI trainers.

Live Zoom Webinar Trainings provide access from anywhere.

Coached online training provides flexibility for those who need to work at their own pac.

Orality version of Church Planting Essentials is available for oral cultures.

  • True Multiplication

Many leaders experience God expanding their vision, and they leave with a vision to plant many churches.

DCPI's Train-the-Trainer method allows church networks and movements to multiply training faster.

Trainer certification provided for your key leaders.

Trainers have free access to all training materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does DCPI training cost?

All of our trainings are sponsored by donors, so they are FREE for everyone God is calling to participate in a church plant or church planting team!

At times, depending on the training location, there can be an expense to cover the costs of lunch, printing, technology, or the venue. These costs go toward the extra components and are not a charge for training. The desire is that cost is never a hinderance for attendance.

Where can I get trained?

We offer in-person and Zoom webinar trainings throughout our world zone. If you are interested in getting trained online, we offer online training from time to time. Our Online Training platform allows students to register for a coach-assisted cohort. The coach will then email materials, instructions, meeting links directly to the registrant.

Visit dcpi.org for information about our other world zones and trainings.

Who can get trained?

Any Christian who may serve in a church or on a church planting team is invited to participate. There are no set academic, demographic, or role requirements to participate in DCPI training. If you have questions about our beliefs, please read our Statement of Faith.

How long are the trainings?

Trainings are planned around the calendar year.

Most of our in-person trainings are 18 hours long and delivered in various time frames. To get certified to train other people (our Certified Trainer track) takes an additional 6 hours.

We offer Online Training from time to time, which can be completed in a cohort with most work done on your own timeline. The majority of people are able to complete our training online within 30 days.

Click the "Find training" button to register for an upcoming training, or contact us if you would like to host a training event in your location.

When can I start?

You can start as soon as possible! Check out our training calendar for out upcoming in-person and online trainings.

“Since we started using Dynamic Church Planting International’s System in 2010, we have doubled the number of churches planted in North America each year compared to the prior 50 years.”

-Mark Bane,
Director, Evangelism and New Church Development USA/Canada Region, Church of the Nazarene


Your generous donation to DCPI allows us to provide resources for trainings happening all the time, all over EUROPE! When you give to our work, you are joining God in completing the Great Commission!


Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1994 in the USA with the vision of training leaders in every country of the world to plant dynamic churches to reach the world for Jesus. In 2023, we officially founded the DCPI Europe non-profit to serve Europe more effectively. We offer all of our trainings free of charge, so that hundreds of thousands of men and women called by God can take the Gospel to their tribes, tongues, and nations. We offer 8 tracks of training built upon biblical principles and actionable applications, so DCPI churches are effective and healthy. In 2021, we celebrated 1 MILLION churches!








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