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Positive Attitude

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Rejoice in the Lord always. ~ Philippians 4:4

READING: Philippians 4

Recently, I was with a fellow minister, a man whom I love and respect. He had been going through some hard times in his family life and in his ministry life. As we talked, I began to notice that most of what he said reflected a negative attitude toward life and ministry.

A negative attitude is a great danger. Our attitude reflects whether we really believe that God loves us and wants the best for us. There are certainly times in our lives when God disciplines us. That is never fun. But it is always ultimately for our best. He doesn’t hurt us just to hurt us. He allows pain to come into our lives to shape us into stronger people and more effective servants.

The Apostle Paul was under house arrest in Rome when he wrote the book of Philippians. His circumstances were not good. He endured a loss of freedom, filth and abuse. And yet, if you had to summarize Paul’s attitude with just one word it would be JOY. His positive attitude overcame his circumstances.

God’s promise to supply all our needs, found in verse 19, does not give us a blank check to do anything we want to do. This passage is in the context of our circumstances and God’s providence. The Apostle Paul had learned the secret to contentment, no matter what his circumstances. He had learned that he could handle any circumstance because God was with him.

God has given me, too, the strength I need to overcome anything. I learned this lesson through the four year cancer battle and ultimate death of my first wife.

Hold on to a good attitude. Never let it go, no matter what your circumstances. YOU can do everything through our Great God who gives you strength!!!

Lord, Help me to maintain a positive attitude. Amen.

Paul Becker

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