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Meet the DCPI Europe Team

Robert Tomaschek
Robert TomaschekWorld Zone Leader - Europe
Robert is the European Worldzone Leader for DCPI as well as the European Director of Church development for Rhema Intl and he is on the board of church planting of the BFP – the German Pentecostal denomination. He is the Founding Pastor of the „Christliche Freikirche“ (Independent Christian Church), which he started in 2002. The Christliche Freikirche has continued to grow and has become a multisite church, which Robert is building to become a network to reach rural areas.

Beside his ministry in the church, since 2002 he’s been working as a consultant for different international companies like Mercedes Benz, Bayer etc. He is also the CEO of IKOP(Institute for creative organizational development). The main focus of his preaching and teaching ministry is to inspire people to live their full potential and to bring people into a deeper relationship with God, where a blessed life is possible.

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Irmi Tomaschek
Irmi TomaschekDCPI Europe Prayer Coordinator
In addition to being Robert’s wife and supporting him in his efforts with DCPI, Irmi also is responsible for building a prayer network to provide a strong spiritual foundation for church planting in Europe. Robert and Irmi have two grown children.
Eunice Olowoyo
Eunice OlowoyoUK and Ireland Director
Eunice coordinates DCPI training in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
Eunice and her husband Yomi serve the Lord as pastors in a local church in London and as church planters in Zimbabwe and Botswana.
Sebastian Schwoshuber
Sebastian SchwoshuberDCPI Europe Office - Trainings Coordinator
Sebastian is responsible for communication with our Trainers around Europe. He is currently a Campus Pastor in Altötting and attends Bible School with his wife Maria. They have three children at home.
Laura Labråten
Laura LabråtenDCPI Europe Office - NexGen Leader
Laura serves as a team leader of DCPI NexGen in Europe. Her biggest passion is to train and inspire, equip and mobilize the next generation of leaders to embrace church planting and reach the world for Christ. She and her husband Øivind, serve as local pastors for the church Agape Bibelkirke in Rakkestad, Norway.
Stephany West
Stephany WestDCPI Europe Office - Research and Worldwide Communications

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